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We've moved!

Hey there, First of all, thank you so much for learning with us. Because of you, we've been able to grow and invest in a better learning platform for you. This video is to let you know how to move to using the new platform as well as some of the benefits that you'll get after you move.

How to move to the new platform:

To use the new learning platform, simply visit codewithchris.com, in the upper right corner, click "Login" and then click on "Register".

Enter a username you'd like to use, this is the username for your forum account as well. Then enter your email.

You'll get a confirmation email to set your own password.

After you do that, you're in!

So why use the new learning platform?

There are so many good reasons.

  1. You only need a single login. After you log into CWC, you'll have seamless access to both the learning platform as well as the codecrew forum.
  2. The user experience is greatly improved in the new platform. At a glance you can see the difficulty level of each course because they're separated into our Apprentice, Performer and Pro steps. This is also the recommended order to take them in.
  3. This platform has a limited lifetime, we've already stopped updating it with content and all of our new users automatically start on the new platform. It's just a matter of time before we close this platform. For an official shutdown date, keep an eye out for a follow up video.

Having said that, there's no reason to stay on this platform and many good reasons to start using our new learning platform.

If you have any trouble with moving over simply reach out to our support team using the email [email protected] or use the chat window on our website.

Thanks again for learning with us and I'll see you over at codewithchris.com