iOS App Design

Design For Everyone

In this iOS App Design course, you'll learn all about the app design process, how to use two popular graphics design programs to produce app graphic assets and finally, how to implement your design into your Xcode project! Furthermore, you'll discover how to design and produce App Icons and how to easily export all of the various icon sizes needed.

Learning Outcomes

Design Process
You'll learn about the design process from wireframes to design to Xcode image assets.

You'll learn basics of Sketch app, a professional design tool.


You'll learn how to use Figma, another widely used design tool. (free to use!)

Implementing Design Assets

You'll be taking an app design and implementing it in an Xcode project!

App Icons
You'll learn how to design and produce app icons.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course doesn't require any prior experience.

This Course is Compatible With:

Xcode 10+
Swift 5+

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