Core ML

The Power of Machine Learning In Your App

Core ML is Apple's machine learning framework and it's simple to use in your apps!

This course show you how to build a SwiftUI app with a pre-trained model that can classify images. You'll also learn the basics of how machine learning works.

Finally, you'll learn how to use Create ML to create and train your own model so that you can really harness the power of machine learning in your app!

Learning Outcomes

Core ML
Learn how to easily integrate a model into your Xcode project.

Machine Learning
Learn how machine learning works and see it in action.

Create ML
Use the built in Create ML studio to create and train your own machine learning models to use in your own apps.

You'll be working with SwiftUI to build an app in this course.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course has no course requirements. You can follow the course to get results but it will be easier to understand for people who have taken the iOS Foundations course.

This Course is Compatible With:

Xcode 10+
Swift 5+

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